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May 12, 2013 9:00am PDT
abouty)vñ th challenge. it's about this mismatch of global challenge. particularly in stem technology and tell me education. we have people around the world that's educated stem educated people and we have places like silicon valley where there's a deficit. >> it's 11 hours, it's going to be turbulent. some of them will want to nap. i don't know. it sowns very cool but very gimmi gimmicky, do you expect they will come up to a solution to this problem? >> yeah, i think you>svve to think about this environment. it's going to be a really unique environment. how often do you get to go on plane and not having to watch a movie and eat peanuts. you'll get to interact with everybody else. >> this is a charter. you have 100 people on a 747. >> they've got to plane to themselves. >> plenty of leg space. >> plenty of wandering around. this is not a sitting down flight. this is getting around. >> will you have a few media people on board? >> sure. we would love for you to come with us. >> there's this culture, this idea of doing this. i was lucky enough to be invited one year. you can have brilli
May 19, 2013 9:00am PDT
're a rotter and you have a certain beat. maybe a technology, maybe it's business. eastern european countries. maybe -- maybe you think you're a specialist at story telling or human interests or whatever it is. you know, maybe you just say content development. >> like story telling's one of them for reporters that's kind of coveted. >> i assume you do an endorsement for somebody, they'll do it for you. i have a website, she said listen, it sounds silly to have a vanity website. the reason though is you're controlling the google search. if somebody says something awful about you that's not true, you can post and google will trust your site and put you higher. i felt a bit sheepish when i first started it because i don't need by own -- i don't feel like i'm my own brand. >> i need it every day. >> well, scott, you are your own brand. everyone is their own brand and you can't shy away from it because it's actually denying the world the opportunity to engage with you. so, if you think you have special talents or unique value to the world, you have to be out there. you have to be
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2